QlikView 11 migration assessment


Context: QlikView 11.20 will be End Of Life (EOL) on 31 March, 2018

The aim of this audit mission is to provide you with the best solution for upgrading QlikView 11. Three solutions are considered during the assessment. Depending on the audit result, you have the following choices:

  • upgrade from QlikView11 to QlikView12
  • use a hybrid solution: move to a mixed environment of QlikView12 documents and Qlik Sense applications
  • move from QlikView 11 to Qlik Sense.

The audit is not just limited to technical aspects, but covers several axes:

  • Analysis of AS IS Dashboard. Based on business needs, the user interface and dashboard content will be analyzed.
  • Analysis of data model
  • Analysis of performance (dashboard and infrastructure)

At the end of this audit, a concise report will be provided to you. This report will contain all details about the solution recommended by Agilos for the QlikView11 upgrade.

In addition, changes that might be necessary to the Dashboard, model, infrastructure, and the security level, will be highlighted. Finally, the cost estimation will be indicated.

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