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By providing personalized notifications and contextually relevant warnings, Push intelligence can be the time-saving solution that makes you more efficient!


Because users miss critical events happening in the data every day. With access to too many Business Intelligence reports and dashboards, it is impossible for them to monitor every metric, all the time, or to see significant metric changes and correlations across data sources. Push Intelligence works by integrating with your existing data, applications and BI solutions, ensuring users are able to focus on what’s important for them and collaborate and act on relevant changes in the data, to ensure swift follow-up and continued productivity and success.

Don’t miss this webinar to hear all about Push Intelligence and to see it at work!

The Agilos Push Intelligence Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how you can drive increased user engagement with your BI solutions in your organization by providing:

  • KPI / Data Driven Alerting
  • Consolidated KPI reporting
  • Event Based notifications
  • User Collaboration

All through a Single Unified KPI Portal. Don’t miss this webinar to hear about it and see it at work!

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