I’ve the pleasure to introduce to you the winter edition of the Agilos newsletter.
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Agilos Newsletter Winter 2018

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Dear  ,

It’s always a surprise how quickly years go by … after all, it only feels like yesterday that we were discussing plans and hopes for 2017! But hold on tight, 2018 is fast approaching.

I dare say that some of you will be looking at the new year with some anxiety, with this GDPR thing that looks like another mountain to climb, but it’s really only being done to protect our private data and our liberty. The difficulty will be in the conciliation of both the legal and IT aspects. I strongly recommend you get your legal department (or an external jurist) involved to help you, and have a look at the Business Intelligence solution Agilos has developed to help you in the GDPR process for your enterprise, and the tools we propose to help you take stock of your numerous QVDs if ever someone asks to be removed from all your databases anywhere in the company. Please read our detailed article on the subject.

We’re also proud to give you news about one of our latest projects, especially as it was for a smaller company and not a large organization, as is often the case. The company in question is the Jean Gotta Group, a meat processing company. Thanks to a solution that we developed together, they have been able to optimize their transport to customers (mainly local butchers and supermarkets), improve their purchasing process, enjoy better communication with their customers and impact the bottom line positively. We’ve prepared a short video testimonial that you can see in the newsletter that explains everything.

We were also present at Patient Numerique, one of the leading hospital conferences in Belgium. One of our customers, Mme. Dominique Wouters, Director of Pharmacy at UCL Saint-Luc, explained how they have recently introduced analytics to ensure 360° traceability of drugs and implants in the healthcare process. She confirmed, that thanks to this innovative approach, not only are they better able to control costs but ensure patients are followed up faster and more efficiently. If you’d like to know more about it, I recommend you hear the story and follow our LinkedIn page to see the testimonial video that we’ll soon release.

Important news: Qlik announced they will no longer support QlikView 11 from March 2018 … it’s time to embrace new functionalities … meaning you will need to migrate to QlikView 12. Or, alternatively, consider a partial migration to Qlik Sense. We’re organizing a webinar to explain alternative scenarios (see article in the newsletter), and have developed a service assessment that will help you get a better view on the impact of migrating some of your QlikView applications to Qlik Sense.

Sign up for one of the 4 workshops we’re organizing the next few weeks in either Antwerp, Brussels, Gent and Kortrijk … you’ll hear, amongst other things, how more and more customers are starting to implement extranets i.e. sharing analytics with their customers and business partners, and reaping the benefits.

Oh, and one more thing, we’re taking our customer support to the next level by introducing Zendesk, the incident management support tool, and so improving the Customer Experience still further. If you are already an Agilos customer, you will be receiving your login details in the next few weeks … we look forward to hearing from you.

All the best for the end of the year business and festivities,

Best regards,

Gilles Hocepied
Managing Director

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Aubel – 1 October, 2017 –

Jean Gotta Group is a meat processing company, with a team of more than 100 employees and a portfolio of more than 500 customers (supermarkets, butchers, wholesalers, industries, out of home, etc.). They’re using now analytics to improve their purchasing process and impact the bottom line positively.

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 [GDPR] You must see it, to be able to fix it!

Brussels – 13 November, 2017 –

Don’t worry. I’m not going to talk at length about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, that becomes law on the 25th of May 2018, and other fines you might get for non-compliance …
In this article, I want to address what you can do, within a Qlik environment, to contribute to your company’s GDPR compliance process. But I also want to take this opportunity to pre-announce a platform we’ll soon be launching to support GDPR-processes on a corporate level.

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Is it time to consider moving from QlikView to Qlik Sense?

Brussels – 15 October, 2017 –

Qlik has announced the end of life for QlikView 11 in March 2018… Don’t panic, QlikView is not going away: you still have the option to upgrade to QlikView 12. However, this will imply some effort. Why not take the opportunity to consider moving to Qlik Sense? Here are some keys to help you with this decision.

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Agilos takes its Support management to a next level

Brussels – 10 November  2017 –

Agilos has recently invested in a new incident management support tool that will improve its already strong customer relationships still further.

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TimeXtender and Agilos Announce Partnership for Belgium/Luxembourg

Aarhus, Denmark – 1 October, 2017 –

TimeXtender, a software leader dedicated to democratizing access to corporate data, has announced their partnership with Agilos. This agreement allows Agilos to offer its new and future clients across Belgium and Luxembourg TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub®, an integrated approach to IT architecture behind business intelligence.

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Agilos signs partnership with NodeGraph

Gothenburg, Sweden  – 9 November, 2017 –

This agreement allows Agilos to offer NodeGraph to their Qlik® customers to get a behind-the-scenes look at their Qlik Solution. With several GDPR-compliance features in its latest version, it helps its customers to get their Qlik Solution ready for GDPR compliance.

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