NodeGraph Webinar - See where your Qlik data comes from!

 Thursday, December 14th, 2017


Why should you join us on December 14th?

If you have ever found yourself asking:  Where does the data come from? Is it up-to-date? Can it be trusted?  This webinar is for you.

What will it be about?

NodeGraph provides you with the tools to discover what is hidden in your metadata and lets you focus on what really matters.

 With NodeGraph, you can:

  • Investigate dependencies in your Qlik® Solution and verify that your governance framework is being followed 
  • See all the field transformations in your Qlik® Solution, all the way from initial input to final application 
  • Generate your Qlik® system documentation with a single click 

 In this webinar, we’ll show you how easy it is to discover what’s behind your Qlik Solution. 

Who will give the webinar? 

Jean-Francois Dierckx, BI Presales and Project Manager with more than 15 years of BI experience.


Thursday, 14th of December 2017


  • 11.00 - See the metadata behind your Qlik Solution
  • 11.30 - Q&A


This webinar will be given in English, but we'll be able to handle your questions in Dutch or French if you would prefer.

Let NodeGraph give you a behind-the-scenes look at your Qlik® Solution!

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