I’ve the pleasure to introduce to you the winter edition of the Agilos newsletter.
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Agilos Newsletter Winter 2017

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There is no doubt that 2016 will go down as an ‘interesting’ year, but is it not merely a sign of how unexpected every year is and will be in the future? Are all these changes and upsets we’ve seen in 2016 not merely the new normal? For a long time now I’ve known that there is no “business as usual” anymore and that change and embracing change is the only way to go.

At Agilos, I’m happy to say we have had a very good and successful year. It’s happened, I believe, because we’ve been able to answer the business needs of our clients with good solutions delivered in double-quick time. We’ve helped them optimize their return on investment and opened their eyes to the possibility of knowing more about what’s going on with their customers. Where they live, for example. What they are thinking, in general and about particular issues. This information is new and interesting, especially as it brings the outside world in … it’s a completely different conversation when you start from there.

Of course we hope 2017 continues in the same vein, and that the projects become more impactful and that we can help our clients maximize the value from the mountains of data they own. We pride ourselves in being able to do what the market needs by keeping one finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world, and another on the latest technical possibilities.

Why not make 2017 the year you decide to run your business with data at its heart? Why not make it the year when you really valorize your collected data? I promise Agilos will be there to help you every step of the way, and provide you with the safety net you need as you better adapt to the fabulous opportunities data offers in your market.

I look forward to seeing you soon, but in the meantime wish you a very successful and exciting New Year.

Best regards,

Gilles Hocepied
Managing Director

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How innovative are you when it comes to BI?

Brussels – 9 January, 2017 –

‘Top 10 tech trends for 2017’ or ‘5 ways to get rich quickly’? It’s that time of the year when all those industry watchers, vendors, bloggers and the like come out with their lists and predictions for the new year. Maybe you’ll find that the latter one is somewhat less boring than the usual technology trends articles, but the point is (after all): what’s in it for me?

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AXA moves to 'One Version of the Truth' with Agilos and Qlik

Brussels – 14 January, 2017 –

Watch AXA explain the success behind their project and the impact on the organization. Available on our Youtube channel in Dutch, English and French.


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Internet Analytics: a new way to leverage Social Media and Internet of Things

Brussels – 2 January, 2017 –

The Internet is not only a network of connected computers. It also connects people through Social Media, and daily objects through Internet of Things. How can we use this new information goldmine?

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Do you really know how much time your users spend using QlikView?

Brussels – 3 January,  2017 –

You want to be sure that you allocate the right license types to the right kind of user, but how do you know that? Which are the apps that are used the most and which are not used at all? And when can you expect the highest load on your system because of ‘Qlik rush hour’?

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Agilos wins GeoQlik Partner Challenge.jpg

Agilos wins GeoQlik Partner Challenge

Paris – 6 November, 2016 –

Agilos, together with their business partner Sirius Insight, managed to provide the best showcase for GeoQlik. Touch Point Insights is an interactive dashboard solution, based on Qlik Sense and GeoQlik, that provides companies with a simple and easy-to-use overview of key business parameters to pilot sales, marketing and distribution network development.

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Innovation in healthcare: how we all benefit

Brussels – 19 December, 2016 –

Innovation in healthcare comes mainly from two sources: public regulations and the profusion of connected objects (Smart Health). The real value of BI in the area of health lies outside the finan­cial spectrum. The task is to connect financial data with operational and clinical data to create a comprehensive, unified vision.

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